Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sun House

Mendocino County, July 29, 2010

From what is now Frog Woman Rock it’s northbound on the 101 to the first of two landmarks in Ukiah and without spellchecking, thinking this one in town has something to do with the legendary bluesman Son House (1902-1988). Visions of time spent visiting as a youth at Uncle Bill’s cotton plantation in Tchula, Mississippi, sitting out on the loading dock of the ice house with the presence of inside air reaching our backs on a hot and humid afternoon while slowly savoring a Moon Pie and a Nehi Orange soda, with echoes of ‘Dry Spell Blues’ weave and bounce off the sporadic building walls of the small town as someone warms up for juke joint gig. Visions that quickly fade when the realization comes that this landmark is about the architecture of a home, and that maybe it’s some sort of Zen thing. One really should read up a bit on a landmark before going there

As it turns out, John and Grace Hudson lived a modest bohemian lifestyle out of Sun House, collecting, traveling, entertaining, photographing and painting.Sun House is now the home of the Grace Hudson Museum, which is principally devoted to local art and First Nation artifacts, and with a new wing addition, there’s a lot to see.

The Hopi sun symbol was adapted by the Hudsons as their family symbol…thus the name ‘Sun House’

Born to renown photographers in their own right, Grace was an awarded artist by the age of sixteen, and was lucky enough to enjoy that rare feat among artists; fame and recognition throughout her lifetime.

Plaque inscription: NO. 926  SUN HOUSE - This house, constructed in 1911-12, is a unique Craftsman style redwood building which incorporates northwestern designs into its architecture. The Sun House was designed by George Wilcox and John W. and Grace Carpenter Hudson. Dr. Hudson was a recognized authority on American Indians, and especially California Pomo Indians. Mrs. Hudson, an outstanding artist, became widely known for her paintings of Pomo life.
Location: 431 S Main St, Ukiah N 39° 08.863 W 123° 12.339  beyond wooden fence, east side
GPS 39.147968,-123.205984

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