Friday, September 2, 2011

The Ortega - Vigare Adobe

Los Angeles County, September 7, 1995

About all one can do in visiting this landmark is walk by on Ramona Street and try to peek in through overgrown trees and vegetation lining the sidewalk. As a private residence and surrounded by 18 ince thick walls, you can’t can’t exactly walk through the grounds, but since it is up for sale, you can buy the 3760 square foot main house and 864 square foot guest house for $2,195,000. Zillow is knocking off a million from that figure. Bringing the price closer to reality, the owner’s bought it for $420,000 in 1993, and it is assessed at $575,000.

The landmark plaque exists but is within the walls and therefore can’t be seen by the minions, and though bylaws for displaying them dictates they are for public viewing, it ain’t gonna happen in some cases. The state probably has more pressing issues.  .

NO. 451 THE ORTEGA-VIGARE ADOBE - Erected during mission days, 1792-1805, this is the second oldest adobe in this region. Originally 'L'-shaped, it is now only half its original size. In 1859, the adobe became the property of Don Jean Vigare and in the early 1860s, as San Gabriel's first bakery, it was separated from the mission's lime orchard by a high cactus wall.
Location: 616 S Ramona St, San Gabriel
USGS Quadrangle Sheet Name: EL MONTE
Google 34.094841,-118.107888

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