Friday, December 31, 2010

Third Serrano Adobe

June 23, 1993 Riverside County CA
Fifth in a series of nine northbound landmarks seen and a medium length putt from the tanning vats.

As it will be said many times in these writings, to be a California State Landmark, it has to be first, last, biggest, etc., or of unique historical significance to pass muster. Now not being one to nit pick, it just seems the name ‘Third Serrano Adobe’ means this landmark’s elevator doesn’t quite make it to the top. Around these parts south of Corona however, the name ‘Serrano’ is used as often as ‘Alamo’ in San Antonio. As it is for the Serrano Tanning Vats plaque 30’ away, this is a though neighborhood for the adobe’s landmark to be hanging out. It appears that people sometimes use these turnouts for issues other than improving their chops on California history. Thugs and scoundrels of questionable motive have been gnawing away at them for years, as witnessed by the chipping and bashing on the concrete. Thinking these are made of solid bronze, copper, or some precious metal, has some folks resorting to the low handed deed of theft for profit. Some have been successful, but at least for now, not here. 
Plaque inscription: NO. 224 RUINS OF THIRD SERRANO ADOBE - Don Leandro Serrano set out orchards and vineyards and cultivated some of the fertile lands of the Temescal Valley. In the 1840s he built his third adobe, which the Serrano family occupied until 1898, on the well-traveled road between San Diego and Los Angeles.
Location: NE corner of I-15 and
Old Temescal Road
, 8 mi SE of Corona. Google maps: 33.777863,-117.486119

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