Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Asistencia de San Antonio de Pala

June 22, 1993 San Diego County, CA
Coming from San Pasqual, the eighth of nine landmarks visited that day. ‘Hey honey, stay in the car, this one will only take a minute.’ Little did we know then of John Wayne Bobbitt’s fate in Manassas, Virginia the next day.
This asistencia, or sub-mission of San Luis Rey was more often than not, simply called the Pala Mission and is on the res. Notes say: ‘Can't remember a thing about it, rural setting.’ It was a stop that got a smiley face in the old guidebook because there were the familiar ‘landmark ahead’ signs allowing a smooth approach. For some reason it was ranked with a square, which of course in skier’s terms meant intermediate difficulty. Let’s readjust that to a circle, or ‘easiest’  Hey, look at that $900 video camera! The week-old smart phone does a better job than that turkey ever did. Why the video camera was hauled around on that trip is a mystery, for those landmarks don’t move around much.  
Landmark inscription: NO. 243 ASISTENCIA DE SAN ANTONIO DE PALA - Notable for its bell tower, or campanile, the chapel vas built by Father Peyrí in 1816. Almost destroyed by earthquake and storm, it was later restored.
Location: Mission on
Pala Mission Rd
, plaque on State Hwy 76 (P.M. 23.6), Pala  
N 33° 21.938 W 117° 04.469

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