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June 22, 1993 San Diego County CA
Coming from San Felipe stage station, the fifth of nine landmarks in the series, and gassing up the DeSoto at a pricey $1.17 a gallon.

‘Wow! It’s Idyllwild with apple trees’ – thoughts on first visit in 1968 with partners from childhood Steve and skinny Dennis. Sitting there on by a fence on the outskirts of town and fresh out of the USMC it was a chance encounter with the old mining town and not known that many trips would follow in return pilgrimage for autumn apple juice and pie.

Landmark inscription: NO. 412 JULIAN - Following the discovery of gold nearby during the winter of 1869-70, this valley became the commercial and social center of a thriving mining district. Ex-Confederate soldier Drury D. Batley laid out the town on his farmland and named it for his cousin and fellow native of Georgia, Michael S. Julian. By 1906 most mines were unprofitable. Since then the area has become more famous for the variety and quality of its apple crop.
Location: Private plaque: Julian Memorial Park, Washington and Fourth Sts, Julian State plaque: In front of Town Hall, Julian N 33° 04.703 W 116° 36.161

The song ‘Julian’ came out of the effort to create a song about each of the Southern California state landmarks that deal with mining…from Imperial up to Kern counties. Research on Julian presented the story of a Wells Fargo stage driver on the Julian to San Diego run and ‘The Case of the Lost Treasure Box’….the strongbox that held the gold. They were supposed to keep the box up front with the driver on the floorboard behind the dashboard. The dashboard was where you propped up your feet like Frisco pegs on a Harley, but the actual intent was to ‘dash’ away mud and rocks kicked up by the horses, and yes, that’s where the name dashboard in cars comes from. Our hapless driver felt the strongbox was in his way so he plopped it up on top of the coach where it popped off somewhere in route. Though the driver’s fate is unknown, I gave him a demotion and moved him to the Black Hills run in the Cargo Muchacho Mountains of the Imperial Valley, figuring it was as bad a route as you could get.

JULIAN          © Radio Flier Music

Oh lordy I’m in trouble, my spirit’s in a low degree
$10,000 gold in the strongbox, somehow I let it go free

I’m a Wells Fargo stage driver, running a four-horse team
From the Julian mines to San Diego, in 1873

Oh lordy I’m in trouble, my spirit’s in an low degree
‘The case of the lost treasure box’ gonna be the end of me

Turned around on my own back up the trail, hoped to find it there
I hired out a horse and sulky, but somebody beat me there

(Chorus) Thomas Davies is a Julian man and a Julian man is true
He found that gold and without being told, knew just what he’d do
Hitched up his team and took it to town and gave it to the agent man
Said to Mr. Lawrence “I’m Thomas Davies and I’m from Julian.”

“Here’s your gold your shiny gold, I want $10 for my time”
Mr. Lawrence said, “That’s pretty good, $10 sounds just fine.”

Mr. Davies said, “There’s a man on the trail, says he belongs to you
But one of your men on a horse and sulky, Wells Fargo would never do.”


A few weeks later he went back to town, to collect his fee
Got a gold watch and chain worth $600, for his integrity

I’m still driving for Wells Fargo, but it’s the desert Black Hills run
Count my blessings and be thankful, they didn’t chase me off with a gun


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