Monday, May 30, 2011

Yank's Station - Pony Express Route

El Dorado County August 30, 1993

Rolling onward into the suburbs of South Lake Tahoe at Meyers to the site of what was once Yank’s station. Ephraim ‘Yank’ Clement and his wife Lydia, bought the existing stage stop here in 1859 and expanded it to a three story, fourteen room station, with large barn and corrals. It did well as a hotel and store till 1938 when it was done in by fire, along with a good part of the town.

“Warren Upson’s first ride was then, and still is, the worst section of trail on the whole route. The road was upgrade, steep in place, rugged, and through the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Normally clogged with the traffic of the Washoe Road, its track that day was covered with snow. Deep snow that would be with him all the way to Woodfords.

Upson crossed Johnson's Summit (7382 ft) in the driving snowstorm and dropped 1300 feet on a steep 2 mile trail to the Upper Truckee River. Riding south over Luther Pass (7740 ft), he skirted Grassy Meadow, dropped through the Aspen to Hope Valley, and down the rocky West Carson River to Woodfords. After a change of Horses, he entered Utah Territory and made a final change of horses at Genoa.

Hamilton's and Upson's rides were short, but completed in extremely harsh weather, and with terrible trail conditions. They made history and created a legend in the process. The nation owes all honor and glory to them and the others who rode the Pony Express.”

Larry Carpenter
California Division, NPEA

Plaque inscription: NO. 708 YANK'S STATION-OVERLAND PONY EXPRESS ROUTE IN CALIFORNIA - This was the site of the most eastern remount station of the Central Overland Pony Express in California. Established as a trading post on the Placerville-Carson Road in 1851 by Martin Smith, it became a popular hostelry and stage stop operated by Ephraim 'Yank' Clement. Pony rider Warren Upson arrived here on the evening of April 28, 1860 and, changing ponies, galloped on to Friday's in Nevada to deliver his mochila to Bob Haslam for the ride to Genoa. Used as a pony remount station until October 26, 1861, the station was sold to George D. H. Meyers in 1873.
Location: Yank's Station shopping center, SW corner State Hwy 50 and Apache Ave, Meyers
Google maps: 38.856787,-120.012417

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