Friday, May 6, 2011

El Dorado

El Dorado County August 29, 1993

From the El Dorado – Nevada House Pony Express landmark we take a walk across the street of about 30 feet. What better place to park the ’51 Caddy than here in El Dorado?, even if they didn’t actually come out with that model till 1953…what a looker.

It took two ’51 Cadillacs to make one good one and this parts car hauled out from Banning, Ca. gave its all.

It seems confusing since the preceding landmark and this one are nearly in the same place and both deal with the town of El Dorado. The previous landmark is for the Pony Express remount however, while this one is more about the settlement originally known as Mud Springs. Old number 486 here falls in that category that someday the office of historic preservation is going to review its qualifications and the possibly of elimination from the roster exists. It’s a safe bet to speculate there’ll be less press coverage than the taking of a Heisman from USC recently.  

Plaque inscription: NO. 486 EL DORADO (ORIGINALLY MUD SPRINGS) - El Dorado, 'The Gilded One,' was first known as Mud Springs from the boggy quagmire the cattle and horses made of a nearby watering place. Originally an important camp on the old Carson Emigrant Trail, by 1849-50 it had become the center of a mining district and the crossroads for freight and stage lines. At the height of the rush its large gold production supported a population of several thousand.
Location: N side of intersection of
Pleasant Valley Rd
Church St, El Dorado

Google maps: 38.682512,-120.848429

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