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Diamond Springs

El Dorado County August 29, 1993

Two miles from El Dorado and with apologies to that former town of Mud Springs for the thrashing it takes in a just completed song, we move on to Diamond Springs, the subject of said ballad.

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Two stories come up as to the name Diamond Springs, it was either do the ease of finding quartz crystals (diamonds), or because of the clarity of the water. Since they bottle it these days, the town is running with the latter explanation. It’s the site of first nation burial grounds to which the dead were brought hundreds of miles in some cases.

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Usually these historical songs are about specific people, places, or events, but as it is in this case, one simply makes it up… a Brett Harte, Joaquin Miller sort of way. It’s a fun song melodically and the hope is for it to be recorded along with the other new gold country songs sometime this summer of 2011.

DIAMOND SPRINGS       © Radio Flier Music

(Chorus) Diamond Springs Diamond Springs
Fairest girl is there it seems (True love of my dreams)
Goin’ there by any means (The reason why I sing)
To the town of Diamond Springs

Been with the minin’ crew
In a minin’ crew ain’t much to do
I took to feelin’ blue
And think of better things

The sun turns a better day
From the boss I take’s my pay
Along the stream I make my way
To the town of Diamond Springs  (Chorus)

Mud Springs left my dry
Why I stayed, don’t know why
Back with the crew I’d sooner die
It’s on to better things

Up the road is where I aim
I’ll stake my own dang claim
Heard of a lost gold vein
By the town of Diamond Springs (Chorus)

Girls of Mud Springs ain’t so fair
Use pine cones t brush their hair
So glad I left there
For what a new town brings

It’s for the gold that I lust
So work this claim I must
Gold dust to diamond dust
For my love in Diamond Springs (Chorus)

Found some gold how ‘bout that
My leather poke is full and fat
Into town I’m gonna scat
And buy that diamond ring

And to Annette I confess
The fair blonde with braided tresses
I’ll be her man, she’ll be my Mrs.
Here in Diamond Springs (Chorus)

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Plaque inscription: NO. 487 DIAMOND SPRINGS - This town, settled in 1848, derived its name from its crystal clear springs. Among the richest spots in this vicinity, its diggings produced a 25-pound nugget, one of the largest ever found in El Dorado County. Its most thriving period was in 1851 and, through its lumber, lime production, and agriculture, Diamond Springs has retained some of its early importance.
Location: NW corner of Hwy 49 at
China Garden Rd
, Diamond Springs
Google maps: 38.693876,-120.818152

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