Friday, April 29, 2011

Highway 50 - Shingle Springs

El Dorado County August 29, 1993

54 miles from Woodland Opera House and getting into serious gold country as we start heading up highway 50 and make this first stop for a landmark dedicated to the Boston-Newton party of 49’ers, and their overland trek to California. What set them apart from numerous other organized groups was that they stayed in tact for the whole journey.

Though mining existed here, Shingle Springs was more about its crossroads location, especially after the railroad came through. What got things going and the reason for the town’s name was a shingle machine that was popping out 16,000 shingles a day, which was going for $900 in Sacramento. For these folks, the gold was in the ponderosa.

From Highway 50 we get off on Shingle Rd and then down Mother Lode Drive. At the time, the landmark was in front of an auto parts store, and a convenient source for tidbits for the Caddy, but now it appears to be the home of Prime Source Real Estate. If you happen to be here on a summer Sunday, there’s a farmers market and crafts fair on the corner of
Product Drive
Durock Road

Plaque inscription: NO. 456 SHINGLE SPRINGS - The Boston-Newton Joint Stock Association, which left Boston April 16 and arrived at Sutter's Fort September 27 after a remarkable journey across the continent, camped here on September 26, 1849. A rich store of written records preserved by these pioneers has left a fascinating picture of the gold rush.
4270 Mother Lode Dr
near post office, Shingle Springs
Google maps: 38.66338,-120.933273

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