Monday, April 4, 2011

Camp Lincoln

Del Norte County August 22, 1993

It was bound to happen sooner or later, especially in those days of road maps and no GPS, a marker simply could not be found. Camp Lincoln was the first, a case of driving around the area for the better part of two hours with no luck. Maybe it was due to eating too many roadside blackberries at the previous stop, but in retrospect, this one doesn’t look that difficult to find after ‘driving by’ with Google’s street view. In fact, from the photo, it appears that the building that was the commanding officer’s residence and before which the marker was placed by the roadside, is in the background of the ‘lost’ photo. This means the ’51 Cadillac was on the wrong road, a half mile away.

In brief, Camp Lincoln was located here because it was a point midway between the settlers in Crescent City and the deposed Indians on their reservation, with a mission to keep the peace. It wasn’t simple for the Army. Many men from the settlements had abandoned farms, homes, and women and children for get rich quick speculation in the gold mines, leaving land unattended. Indians were attracted to return, since it was theirs in the first place. Many remaining settlers were taking matters into their own hands, and add to this there was a civil war going on and many of these folks were confederate sympathizers, it was thankless duty. 

This brings to an end a trip to the seven state landmarks in Del Norte County, and it’s back up to Roseburg, Oregon for the rest of the gig. While there, a route will be plotted for the return home to La Quinta through part of gold country and the Sierras, to catch a few days worth of landmarks along the way.

1964 photo

Plaque inscription: NO. 545 CAMP LINCOLN - A United States military post was established here September 12, 1862 by the men of Company G, 2nd Regiment, Infantry, California Volunteers, to keep peace between the Indians and the miners and settlers of northwestern California. It was abandoned in May 1870. Commanding officer's quarters and one barracks remain at the date of dedication of this site (1962).
Location: Take Hwy 199 E to
Kings Valley Rd
, go 1.2 mi NE to site, Crescent City
Better directions: From Crescent City, California, take U.S. 199 northeast about six miles. Turn left at Smith's River Valley road (marked). This road almost parallels the highway. Fort site is about two miles north, flanking road. Marker is on right hand side. Former officers' duplex, privately owned, is next to road, left side.
Google maps: 41.820231,-124.13626

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