Friday, April 1, 2011

Fort Ter-Wer

Del Norte County August 22, 1993

Leaving the cluster of landmarks in Crescent City for the south end of Del Norte county and Klamath as we go a bit inland to the site of what is called Fort Ter-Wer.

The state misspelled the fort’s name, it’s actually Ter-Waw, in Yurok it means ‘beautiful place’. It is a beautiful place but it flooded easily at this bend along the Klamath and the fort was short lived with the military pulling up stakes for Camp Lincoln.

From Lt. Crook’s extensive notes it’s gathered that neither place was easy to supply and therefore expensive federal propositions, but there were issues with Native Americans and settlers and the only authority of substance around was the military. Though hardly the stuff of western movies, conflicts were more like instances of young Tolowa coming off the reservation, getting work in town and then drunk on their pay, and for shelter they’d crash in someone’s barn…accidentally setting fire to a few by mishandling lamps…so the troops would assemble and clear up the situation. It was not exactly the subject matter for a slow motion Sam Peckinpah sequence.  

Rhode’s End Bed & Breakfast is great place to hang your slouch hat for the night and it’s right around the corner from the landmark.  

Plaque inscription: NO. 544 FORT TER-WER - Site of Fort Ter-Wer, United States military post established October 12, 1857 by First Lieutenant George Crook and the men of Company D to keep peace between the Indians and whites. The fort was destroyed by a flood in December 1861, and abandoned June 10, 1862.
Location: From Hwy 101 take Ter-Wer Valley exit (Hwy 169) , go 3.4 mi to end of road, turn right on Ter-Wer Riffle Rd. Site at intersection of Ter-Wer Riffle and Klamath Glen Rds, Klamath
Google maps: 41.511405,-123.98641
1993 notes: Down highway 101 a few clicks from Klamath, near a campground

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