Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pioneer Memorial Cemetery

Los Angeles County, June 21, 1995

The landmark for what was formerly called Morningside Cemetery is easily found on corner of a lightly maintained ‘natural state’ plot of about 4 acres where about 750 people were put to rest till 1939 when it came to rest as well. Mortician Will Noble had bought it from a group called the San Fernando Cemetery Association when they dissolved, and when Will went in ’39, so did the cemetery.  

In 1959, the San Fernando Mission chapter of the Native Daughters of the Golden West took it over and named it Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, and are responsible for making it a state landmark. In 2002, the Native Daughters quit claimed it over to the San Fernando Historical Society, who are still looking for assistance and preservation of the site.

Over the years, vandals have had thier way with headstones and the Sylmar quake delivered some damage, but overall, it could be a lot worse. Still, watered grass would be nice.

Plaque inscription: NO. 753 SAN FERNANDO CEMETERY - Earlier known as Morningside Cemetery, this is the oldest nonsectarian cemetery in San Fernando Valley. It was used from the early 1800s until 1939, it was legally abandoned in 1959, when Mrs. Nellis S. Noble donated the site in memory of the pioneers of San Fernando.
Location: SW corner of Bledsoe and Foothill, Sylmar
Google maps: 34.320995,-118.448142

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