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Sportsman's Hall - Pony Express Route

El Dorado County August 29, 1993

Sportsman’s Hall was the only Pony Express stop in California where riders changed.

During the Comstock boom which began in 1859, Sportsman's Hall was one of the most popular and most important places on the road. No inn on the Trail approached its size or the quality of its accommodations. The meals provided were famous to all who traveled this way and many on the Trail eagerly traveled extra miles to just eat at "The Hall." It served a host of freight wagons and as many as seven daily stages. It has been said that there were no less than a thousand head of horses and mules in the stables and corrals on many a night. You could stand in one spot and 300 wagons would pass daily.

‘Folsom to Placerville, Hangman’s yes I will
Remount and then I’m gone, make Sportsman’s Hall by dawn
Now my ride is done, hand off to Warren Upson
Second rider to the test, maiden run of the Pony Express’ 
© Radio Flier Music

Walter Harmon, the 30 year owner of Sportsman's Hall closed the historic landmark restaurant on Sunday, November 7th 2010, so he can focus his time and energy on the health of the soil. He got into organic compost, so as of this writing, the turn key restaurant is on the market for $950,000.
Property Features:
·         5000 sq. ft. Restaurant/Bar
·         1800 sq. ft. Patio Area with Gazibos, Tables and Chairs
·         Covered Bandstand on Patio
·         High Quality Carpeting in Dining Areas
·         High Quality Tile in Restrooms
·         High Quality Dining Room Tables and Chairs
·         All buildings in good condition including roofs
·         Thermopane windows throughout
·         Restaurant building has 600 Amp/3-Phase Electrical Service
·         High-Tech Restaurant Equipment
·         Seating 150 inside and 150 outside
·         Approximately 1 Acre of Open/Land for new development
·         2 Bars /20 feet and 37 feet long
·         2 Heating and Cooling Coleman Presidential II Heat Pumps
·         Large Paved Parking Area and Off Street Parking
·         5 Residential Income Rental Units
·         Sportsman’s Hall is known for it’s history
·         4 Pony Express Monuments in front
·         High Traffic Location just 45 minutes from both South Lake Tahoe and Sacramento
·         Signs on Highway 50 in both directions point out the Historic Landmark Restaurant - Bringing people off the highway
·         Ready to Re-open/Turn-key Operation / Need Food and Employees
Sportsman’s Hall Restaurant
5620 Pony Express Trl
Pollock Pines, CA 95726

(530) 344-7593

Plaque inscription: NO. 704 SPORTSMAN'S HALL OVERLAND PONY EXPRESS ROUTE IN CALIFORNIA - This was the site of Sportsman's Hall, also known as Twelve-Mile House, the hotel operated in the latter 1850s and 1860s by John and James Blair. A stopping place for stages and teams of the Comstock, it became a relay station of the Central Overland Pony Express. Here, at 7:40 a.m., April 4, 1860, pony rider William (Sam) Hamilton rode in from Placerville and handed the express mail to Warren Upson, who two minutes later sped on his way eastward.
Location: 5622 Old Pony Express Trail, Cedar Grove
Google maps: 38.749364,-120.618639

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