Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adobe de Palomares

Los Angeles County, September 30, 1994

Some nimrod stole the plaque in 2008 according to the Pomona Historical Society, but this 1994 photo shows it in happier times. It sort of makes one wonder what a nimrod does with one once they’ve managed to pry it away. Aother question is how? For it takes a lot more than two six packs and a crowbar to extract it from a mounting using incased rebar-like bolts and cement. Thirdly, what do they think they’re getting? Melting one down won’t pay for the cost of melting one down.

The day of this visit found the Adobe closed to the public, a common situation when going to landmark without portfolio. It was thrown in as a stop in daily commute to the LA Fair gig taking Arrow Highway, which was an often used bypass when the interstate got ugly. It turns out Adobe de Palomares is only open on Sundays from 2 till 5pm. 

According to the Pomona Historical Society: “Now authentically restored to its original form and appearance, except for the interior of the north wing which houses a kitchen, dining room and storeroom, Adobe de Palomares stands as one of California's most admired landmarks, throughthe initive of the Historical Society of Pomona Valley in cooperation with the Federal Government, the municipality, and numerous civic-minded groups and individuals. Following its resotration, the Adobe was reopened to the public on April 6, 1940.”

NO. 372 ADOBE DE PALOMARES - Completed about 1854 and restored in 1939, this was the family home of Don Ygnacio Palomares. Governor Juan B. Alvarado granted Rancho San Jose to Don Ygnacio and Don Ricardo Vejar in 1837. Location: 491 E Arrow Hwy, Pomona
USGS Quadrangle Sheet Name: ONTARIO
Google maps: 34.090181,-117.742356

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  1. I remember driving past this place all the time when I was a kid!