Friday, March 11, 2011

Point Loma Lighthouse

Photo: August 15,1992

Maybe it was the fog that moved the lighthouse. Logic would have that a high point guarding a bay would a da kine spot for a beacon but the ‘new’ lighthouse that replaced this one in 1892 was put down by the water for the big lens to cut through the soup. But you’ll never see a swinging wooden seafood restaurant sign with a carved lighthouse hiding at the bottom of a bluff, there’s no majesty in that, besides, gentlemen shouldn’t be sailing about after dark in the first place.

Grandfather’s older brother John L. Bacon was mayor of San Diego during most of the 1920’s and under his watch brought in the zoo, the Mira Mar base, MCRD, and on the side, began resurrecting the old lighthouse. It was later tidied up and the road paved in the mid ‘30’s by the feds.

OAC photos c. 1928

It is said that the ghost of lighthouse keeper Robert Israel still roams its confines trying to keep the light. You got your heavy footsteps around the kitchen and living room, low moans from the south bedroom, a cold spot at the foot of the staircase, and an occasional passing cold breeze when climbing the steps. Good ghost fodder and enough to draw ghost hunters. Who knows? Capt. Israel was the only lightkeeper at Point Loma.  

1935 Photo

Plaque inscription: NO. 51 OLD POINT LOMA LIGHTHOUSE - This lighthouse, built in 1854, was one of the first eight lighthouses on the Pacific Coast. It continued in use until 1891, when the new Pelican Point Lighthouse began operating. The Point Loma Lighthouse became the site of the Cabrillo National Monument in 1913. During World War II, the Navy used it as a signal tower. Today the lighthouse remains the central feature of the Point Loma Preserve.
Location: Cabrillo National Monument, Point Loma, San Diego, San Diego County
Google maps: 32.671979,-117.240831

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  1. Your post mentions, "Grandfather's older brother was John L. Bacon, mayor of San Diego..." Just wondering if you are a relative of mine. My grandfather was Harold Bacon, John. L. Bacon's brother. Found this post when I was googling John L. Bacon. I live in Carlsbad, CA. My mother's maiden name is Bacon.