Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Mission Inn

Thank you, Frank Miller. For once there is the welcome shift to have a landmark that is a real destination attraction. Actual physical presence in the form of an architectural mosaic dedicated to one man’s dream of creating the ultimate Inn. If there was a four star rating system for California landmarks, the Mission Inn gets them all. Even the nooks and crannies have nooks and crannies….with tile work.     

Plaque inscription: NO. 761 MISSION INN - Frank A. Miller (1857-1935) made the adobe bricks for a small 12-room guest house that he opened in 1876. Over the years he added to the building to create this remarkable Mission Revival style building.
Mission Inn Avenue
between Main and Orange, Riverside. Google: 33.982767,-117.373198

This photo shows President Teddy Roosevelt replanting one of Eliza Tibbitts' two surviving parent orange tress at the Mission Inn. The story and song for the parent orange tree will be posted down the line.

In true Woody Guthrie fashion, the song ‘Mission Inn’ is a new lyric to a melody used before, in this case ‘Indian Wells’ and ‘Ramona’ are to the same tune. Heck, the words just fit nicely, so here’s hoping listeners don’t stray from their regional boundaries and discover this cross-pollination. The song is part of the album ‘Landmarks of the Inland Empire.’

Here’s a link to the video for ‘Mission Inn’:


MISSION INN                       © Radio Flier Music

There is a magical place in Riverside
Where cares fade away and memories begin
Courtyard shadows shade the light
Come relax at the Mission Inn

From humble beginnings on this land
An early adobe for travelers grew
Now every pleasure’s at your command
See what the Mission Inn can do for you

Journey back to earlier days
When California was wild and new
A feast for the senses sure to amaze
Frank Miller’s dream is waiting for you

(Ch) Mission Inn, the gardens and fountains
Mission Inn, your home in the sun
Mission Inn, your oasis awaits you
Mission Inn, a new life begun

Where cares fade away and memories begin
Come relax at the Mission Inn

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