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Southern's Stage Station

Shasta County August 29, 1993

They called him‘Sims’
Simeon Fisher Southern that is, for Sims Exit on I-5-Sims Bridge-
Sims Road-
Sims Lookout-
Sims Lookout Road-
Sims Flat-and Sims Flat Campground are all named for him.
Born in Kentucky 1827, he joined the Kentucky volunteers and was wounded in the Mexican War in 1845, and remaining under Col. Steptoe’s command, came to California in 1855. Around here he eventually owned approximately 700 acres.  Before he died in 1902 and in the hotel’s heyday, President and Mrs. Hayes, General W. T. Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gould, and General Sheridan were guests. The hotel was sold by his heirs to a lumber company in 1911 and nothing remains today.


1993 notes give this landmark a ‘moderate’ difficulty, and that a photo was taken but has since been lost. So, we’re going to rely on the good folks at NoeHill Travels out of San Francisco for a couple of photos and how to get to the site of the landmark
"To find this site, drive south from Dunsmuir on Interstate 5 until you reach the Sims Road exit about twelve miles south of Dunsmuir. Exit to the west and you will be on Upper Shotgun Road. Take the first left onto Mears Ridge Road and travel for about four thousand feet. You will be heading south and the plaque will be on your right at 19010 Mears Ridge Road.":

Due to this twist off of Shotgun Road, this account goes against the state’s directions, as well as other GPS coordinates, but if memory serves, the NoeHill GPS is the right way to go. The lightly traveled road is a great place to get out of the car and bike, hike, or walk.

Donald Laird photo

Plaque inscription: NO. 33 SOUTHERN'S STAGE STATION - This is the site of the famous Southern Hotel and Stage Station built by Simeon Fisher Southern. The original building, a log cabin, was built in 1859. During a half-century many noted people who made early California history were entertained in this hotel.
Location: On old Hwy 99, 0.7 mi SW of Sims exit, 6.9 mi S of Castella
Google maps: 41.066491,-122.36289 or better yet: 41.067462,-122.362504

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