Tuesday, July 26, 2011

La Casa de Carrion

Los Angeles County, October 1, 1994

Zillow estimates the Casa to be worth $535,000…..not bad for a 143 year old, 2380 sq.ft.two bedroom, one bath, fixer. Maybe the 100 acre lot adds a bit to its value.

La Casa de Carrion is one of the group of adobes of Rancho Santa Fe held by Carrion's uncle Ygnacio Palomares and his partner Ricardo Vejar. Adobe bricks formed walls along an "L" configured foundation. The L-shaped dwelling was is believed to have been designed by an Italian architect. Timbers for the building were hauled from Los Angeles. The beams, joints and walls were white washed. The original windows were unglazed and screened with vertical wooden bards and wooden shutters. The front of the one and a half story house faced north, welcoming visitors from the Old Road. La Casa de Carrion was completed in 1868. His wife, Dolores, and their three sons moved into their new home. While living at the house, five daughters were born there.

The word was that Carrion was a bit strange and dimwitted. He often kept to himself and stayed home most of the time. Partial evidence was that he named his black horse, "Horse".

On August 9, 1959, a plaque was placed at the Carrion adobe by the State Park Commission in cooperation with Rancho San Jose Parlor #307, Native Daughters of the Golden West. It is designated as State Historic Landmark #386. However, the state does not provide assistance for the adobe's upkeep.  

Today, La Casa de Carrion is owned and occupied by Robert M. Tatsch Jr. and his wife Dorothy. Although the Carrion Adobe is a private residence, the Tatsch’s open their home to the public a few times a year on selected holidays. Tours may be offered by appointment only to schools, and historical groups.

Plaque inscription: NO. 386 LA CASA DE CARRIÓN - This house, built in 1868 by Saturnino Carrión, was restored in 1951 by Paul E. Traweek.
Location: 919 Puddingstone Dr, La Verne
USGS Quadrangle Sheet Name: SAN DIMAS
Google 34.096018,-117.789021


  1. Ygancia Palomares was owner of the Rancho San Jose, not Rancho Santa Fe.

  2. La Casa de Carrion is owned by a wonderful family and great friends of ours. We are fortunate enough to visit this home at least once a month