Thursday, June 16, 2011

Putnam's Cabin

Inyo County, August 30, 1993

Not much of a challenge with this landmark, it’s right across the street from the poster child of county courthouses on US 395 in downtown Independence.

Charles Putnam’s stone cabin was the first permanent structure in what is now Inyo County and was used from 1861 till 1876 when it was torn down. About the same time Putnam put up his place, Samuel Bishop was doing the same thing to the north and they became the go-to guys for refuge, rescue, and trade.

NO. 223 SITE OF PUTNAM'S CABIN - In August 1861, Charles Putnam built the first cabin for permanent habitation in what is now Inyo County. The building, located 130 feet west of this site, served as a home, trading post, hospital, and 'fort' for early settlers, as well as a survival point for travelers. It became the center of the settlement of 'Putnam's' which five years later took the name 'Independence.'
Location: 139 Edwards St (Hwy 395), Independence
Google: 36.803435,-118.200649

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