Monday, March 21, 2011

Residence of General William B. Ide

Tehema County August 17, 1993

From Mrs. John Brown’s home it’s a short trip to the north end of town and this state historic park on the banks of the Sacramento River. These days, a $3 parking fee will get you full access. It may be just about the smallest state historic park around but they’ve done wonders with the place and you can get a feel for life in the 1850’s with Ide’s New England styled home, a carriage house, blacksmith shop, smokehouse, and a giant valley oak tree that has been shading just about everything since the place was built. There are animals and a period vegetable garden too, along with great programs for kids. So hitch up the suspenders on your broadfall trousers and lace up the smooth out brogan shoes and stop by. They have WiFi in case you don’t want to leave the present altogether.

As it turns out, the only president of California never actually owned the property, but as a surveyor, miner, treasurer, district attorney, deputy clerk, and judge, who’s going to check his paperwork? Along with Lassen and Fremont and others, he heads the A-listers in the Bear Flag Revolt of 1846 that formed the California Republic as an independent entity from Mexico or any other country. The funny thing is that we’ve been flying that flag all along, and it could be argued that our alliance and statehood with the USA has been nothing more than a marriage of convenience and reversion to an independent republic could be had at any time. Come to think of it, lots of folks throughout America would be happy to see us go. 

Filling up for the haul towards Oregon….dang, gas is $1.15 a gallon and the Caddy has no respect for it.

Plaque inscription: NO. 12 RESIDENCE OF GENERAL WILLIAM B. IDE - General Ide came to California with his family in 1845. Ide helped organize the revolt against the Mexican mandate requiring Americans to leave California, and was the first and only President of the California Republic, under Bear Flag Party proclamation.
Location: William B. Ide Adobe State Historic Park, 3040 Adobe Rd, 1.5 mi N of Red Bluff
Google maps: 40.195954,-122.22775

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